Science Outreach and Communication | A Career Symposium

September 21, 2013
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Photo of Jesse Hall and columnsThe University of Missouri will be hosting a regional career symposium on September 21, 2013, on its Columbia campus. The “Science Outreach and Communication” Career Symposium is sponsored by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. (Both members and non-members of the ASBMB are welcome.)

All scientific careers – whether in academia, industry, education, law or government — depend on communication, both written and oral. Scientific careers, in turn, are affected by the public’s understanding of science, which can influence financial support, policy decisions, voting patterns and general reception and acceptance of scientific advancements. It is thus critical for scientists to be able to communicate their science broadly to a wide range of audiences. This full-day event will concentrate on science communication and science outreach, and how they play a role in seeking future careers.

The symposium will include sessions focused on the challenges and skills for communicating science to K12 through college audience, adult audiences (both lay and professional), and the role of communication and science outreach in a science-based jobs. Most importantly, The event will include a poster session that will showcase some of the many innovative programs for science outreach being implemented at different colleges and universities in the Midwest. Our goal is to broaden young scientists’ awareness of the importance of these skills to their future careers as well as to provide them with some ideas to guide their paths.  Abstracts should be submitted by September 6, 2013.


Organizing Committee


Hannah Alexander – Adjunct Associate Professor of Biological Sciences http://scienceandme.org

Melody Kroll – Executive Staff Assistant, Division of Biological Sciences http://biology.missouri.edu



Stephen Alexander – Professor of Biological Sciences, Co-director of Graduate Program http://biology.missouri.edu/people/?person=68

Carina Collins – Graduate Student, Division of Biochemistry, President of the Biochemistry Graduate Students Association http://biochem.missouri.edu/grad-program/bgso.php

Deanna Lankford – Program Coordinator, Office of Science Outreach http://scienceoutreach.missouri.edu

Mannie Liscum – Professor of Biological Science http://biology.missouri.edu/people/?person=65, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School http://gradschool.missouri.edu

Bruce McClure – Professor of Biochemistry at the Division of Biochemistry http://biochem.missouri.edu/faculty/faculty-members/mcclureb/index.php, co-organizer of Saturday Morning Science http://satscience.missouri.edu

Tim Pale – Graduate Student, Division of Biological Science, President of the Biology Graduate Students Association http://biograd.students.missouri.edu/?page_id=21

Lily Tesfali – Post Doctorate Fellow, Division of Biological Sciences, member of the MU Postdoctoral Association Council http://postdoc.missouri.edu/aboutus.htm

John Walker –Professor of Biology, Director of the Division of Biological Sciences, http://biology.missouri.edu/people/?person=66